Friday, October 21, 2005

Mind control

How do I jump on the treadmill without being wrapped in its tread like Elmer Fudd? As they say: “When in Rome do as the Romans do”. Or like James Bond, "go native".

Step one:
Create the vision, chart the course.
You want to cross the Atlantic in a boat? You chart the course, provision the boat, embark, and steer between check points. And, be prepared to improvise as nothing ever goes according to plan. Meditate on this daily. No doubts - period. Your vision must be bigger than the distractions and hurdles that will be thrown into your path

Subsequent steps I like to break down into two simple categories. First, it is critical to stay focused, confident and happy; therefore, I list three "nurturing" reminders to bolster self esteem and vision. Second, it is imperative to continually ACT on your vision. Fear and apathy are always enemies as is too narrow a focus on "the goal". A goal is a goal , but more importantly, a goal is a disciplined series of actions.

1. How you act is who you become.
2. Have the self discipline necessary to control your own mental attitude.
3. Use the correct bio-chemicals (endorphins). Do you sing, walk, run, paddle, yoga?

1. It’s not what the goal is, it’s what it does.
2. Start lazy. Just start. Momentum will sweep you up.
3. No fear. Fear kills more people than death. Death kills just once.

This is the psychological template from which we will launch our endeavor (36 MOM). Next we need the vessel, or the vision to take us to our goal.....

Thursday, October 20, 2005

There is a Sub-header on my Blog Dashboard...

which reads..."Make Money". I've resisted this urge for some time now (making money). I'm bludgeoned daily with all sorts of reminders of how to make, spend and save dollars. In moderation, dollars buy necessities like food and shelter. However, in our culture, the excessive accumulation of money becomes a social disease, turning the creative and humane into salivating rats on treadmills. We rape and pillage resources (including cheap labor), hording and consuming amounts that are morally corrupt. The concentrated spoils of wealth, like giant amoebas, phagocytize defenseless comrades, subordinating them to capitalist cogs. When dissent erupts, the giants, through lobbyists, modify the rules of the game and quash discord. From cradle to grave, "wealth envy" and "conspicuous consumption" shackle America's humanity. In toll, a social neurosis run amok.

Politics aside, my view might be considered "sour grapes".
"Like dude, you've got no money so you rail on those who do."
Well, let's see about that. I propose that any 'farm ass' can become a millionaire in 36 months; or in about the time it takes for the yoke of a worthless pursuit to become unbearable. We can't cure cancer in 36 months nor can we eliminate illiteracy or poverty. But, if any 'farm ass' can become a millionaire in 36 months then God Bless America.

Today is day one. Follow along as I morph my cloud watching, canoe paddling, sun soaked, sea drenched life into one of singular mad purpose. 36 months of MONEY (36 MOM).

Tomorrow: mind control & 36MOM

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Return of Pork_Chop

Like a tired lawn mower here, a few pulls, a few sputters , and still haven't sparked continuous combustion. Hope springs eternal (though naively), so I'm back for a few more tugs at this rusty enterprise. The RSS (real simple syndication) technology is very cool, and I'd like to learn more, and have some fun. Baby steps here.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

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